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GER Drafting

"House Plans in a Week"

Office Location
Plans 0 - 1499 sq. ft.
Plans 1500 - 1999 sq. ft.
Plans 2000 - 2499 sq. ft.
Plans 2500 - 2999 sq. ft.
Plans 3000 - 3499 sq. ft.
Plans 3500 - 3999 sq. ft.
Plans 4000 - 4999 sq. ft.
Plans 5000+ sq. ft.

Our Plans include the Full Working Drawings for Building & Permits including all Structural Detailing, & Notes. We make all city redline corrections needed to get plans approved.
We can redesign Elevations of Floorplans to match your style.
We can also do 3D walk-throughs, Color Renders & 3D Renderings for HOA's and City Requirements.
We have one of the largest, quickest, and easiest online plan searches available. Simply click on the tabs above to choose your livable square foot range and scroll through our library of pre-approved and pre-built plans. Enjoy!
G.E.R. Drafting has been locally owned and operated since 1992, and in the construction industry since 1970, serving the Phoenix-area residents with high-quality home design and construction services. We give you quality and speed in all our work and are proud to serve you.

Time Schedule(For Full Set of Plans ready for permit)

1 Week for...

   - Site Plans

   - Garages

   - Patio Additions

   - Garage Enclosures

(add 1 week when engineering stamp is required)

2 Weeks for...

   - Custom Homes  

   - Guest House  

   - Additions    

   - Remodels(add 1 week when engineering stamp is required)


Full Set of Plans includes: Floor Plan, Foundation Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Elevations, Cross Sections, Electrical Plan, Mechanical Plan, Details, & Notes. We also make all City or County Redline corrections at no additional charge of course.


There is no time limit on your end. You can take as long as is needed to get the plans exactly how you want them. Changes during the draft stage on the computer are easy and are really the fun part of drawing the plans. Plans are drawn in 3D so you know exactly how the New Home or Addition will look before we finish the full set of plans.


Pricing(All changes are included at draft stage)

Custom Homes - $1.75 x livable, $0.50 x non-livable, $1200 min.

Guest Houses - $1.75 x livable, $0.50 x non-livable, $1200 min.

Standard Garage(10' ceilings or under) - $1200

RV Garages w/ required engineering - $1800

Additions - $2.00 x livable, $1200 min.

Remodels - $1.00 x affected livable, $1200 min.

Patio Additions - $800

Garage & Patio Enclosures - $800

Site Plans - $250

Structural Engineering when required (added to prices above) - $0.65 x livable, $500 min.

(An Engineering Stamp is not usually required but may be required on a set of plans depending on city requirements or complexity.

We can also give you quotes for civil and mechanical engineering when required.


Stock Plans are 1/2 Price and include all updates to city codes. (Changes can also be made to stock plans for our hourly rate of $62.00 an hour.)

Plan search Hints of our Pre-approved and Pre-built plans:

-The plan # is the plan size of Livable Sq. Ft.

-The floor plan is most important. Don't get stuck on the elevation or the exterior design of the house. We can re-design any elevation to get the look and style you are looking for. Once you find a floor plan you like, we can take the plan and make any changes you would like and can adapt the elevation to a picture or style of a house you like.

-The design & planning process is the fun part of the construction process. All our plans are drawn in 3d on the computer and changes during the design are easy and are included in our normal pricing.


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